My Quilt Ladder
I love to quilt!  

My mother taught me to sew when I was a girl.  Over the years, I've
explored many types of needlework -- needlepoint, embroidery, ribbon
work, cross stitch, applique and hand and machine sewing.  During the
1980's I worked for a needlework company teaching and
demonstrating their products.  I also have an art background,  
including design, drawing and painting in different media.

The first quilt I completed was for my daughter Melissa in 1982.  After a
break while working and raising children, I went back to quilting in the
1990's have been quilting ever since!   I have a wonderfully set up quilt
room in our home in Anderson, SC, where I love to spend time. I've
made over 300 quilts, as well as purses, pillows, Christmas decor, and
other decorative accessories. This has given me extensive experience
creating unique, custom quilts.

My specialty is wedding dress quilts.  I love making these heirloom
quilts out of wedding dresses. Some of my quilts are hand quilted, but
most are machine pieced and quilted.  I sew on a small sewing
machine, then do the machine quilting on a quilt frame and long-arm
quilting machine.

Quilting gives me so much pleasure!  I donate quilts to charity and
make quilts for wonderful family and friends, as well as offering my
services to the public.

I hope you enjoy my website, and be sure to check out my